How to increase your viewability score?

In this article, we will share tips on how to increase your viewability score and improve help improve your overall performance metrics.

Dave Roseberger
Created by Dave Roseberger Jun 10, 2020

The channels player provides full suite of monetisation solutions for you to get higher yield on each session.
Each ad on the session is measured for its viewability by various advertisers.
There are several ways in which you can start increasing your viewability score today.

Player Placement

When setting up the player on your page make sure it is implemented as high as possible so it will be visible to most users in an early stage of the session

Using the Floating Player

We highly recommend using our floating unit combined with placing the player higher on the page, this will ensure higher viewability score and performance in accordance.

Apply Lazy Loading

In case the player is implemented lower below the fold you can ask us to set a lazy load rule to the player, meaning the player will start loading only when the user reached a designated point on the page (for example the second paragraph) this will ensure the player loaded right before the user sees it.

Participant say

So what is the industry benchmark for viewability percentage and how will this effect my ad performance?

Participant say

We can see that advertisers react with higher CPMs to pages with viewability score of 85% and higher.

Which way do you think will be the most relevant to you?

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