Channels Floating Player

This article will cover the Channels “Floating player” configurations including locations, recommended size, different modes and best practices

Dave Roseberger
Created by Dave Roseberger Jun 9, 2020

As a general rule, the floating unit is crucial to get higher Ads viewability score and thus gain higher Fill rate and overall RPMs, in addition, it has many available configuration options that can enhance these metrics even more.


Channels Player can be set on request to any corner of the screen and set padding from the edges of the screen to adjust to the layout of the page.
This can be set individually per device (Mobile/Desktop)


The floating player can be set to a wide range of sizes, in order to maximise the unit performance we recommend setting to the player to at least 400px on desktop and 260px on mobile.

Playback Modes

The floating unit defaults to appear only after the main player was in view but can be set to show at any given time.
In addition it can be disabled for the rest of the session if a user dismissed it.

Participant say

So the floating unit will increase my Viewability score?

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Participant say

So can you set it to appear only when there is an ad to show?

Participant say

Yes we can!

Floating unit only for ads