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Created by Team EX.CO Aug 26, 2020

EX.CO Video Solutions, otherwise known as Channels, is a content-driven video solution that publishers worldwide can use to increase revenue and deliver stunning, automatically-generated content to their audiences. Here, we'll show you the many ways Channels can be used on your site to enhance your UX and diversify revenue streams.

Why Channels?

Simply put, our smart editorial video player offers publishers an easy-to-implement, video monetization solution.  

Here's a look at some of our main Channels solutions:

From custom videos or automatically-generated videos to the option for publishers to use their own content within our video solution, we work with you to ensure you're delivering the content your audience wants-- and with the ads that keep site revenue increasing.


RSS CHANNEL: Increase pages per session through videos built from your RSS feed, promoting top articles.


CUSTOM PUBLISHER CHANNEL: Serve relevant content and ads to your audience by leveraging EX.CO’s extensive video library and ad demand partners.


REAL-TIME CHANNEL: Auto-generate custom created video templates based on any API or unique, accessible data.


PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION CHANNEL: Promote a catalogue of products in video with affiliate links to purchase.

We then optimize our videos with a range of ad types to increase overall demand with leading SSPs, DSPs and Trading Desks.

Examples of video ad-types (Both In-stream & Out-stream):

  • Out-stream Ads
  • Native Ads


A highly viewable video ad unit that automatically serves ads in large player formats within paragraphs of an editorial article.


A non-disruptive ad experience that matches the flow and function of the media formats such as editorial articles.

Interested? We'll help you find the right Channels solution for your site.

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