2021 New Year Gift: A Personalized Video From Your Favorite Celebrity on Bollywish

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Created by Bolly Wish Dec 26, 2020

New Year represents a fresh beginning! It marks a clean start to welcome new opportunities. People celebrate it by setting resolutions and new goals, getaway with loved ones, fireworks, partying with friends, having get-together with family and more. With all that happened this year, make the New Year celebrations more special and surprise your loved ones with some gifts that would be memorable. This would make your loved ones feel more special. Start the new year with a smile and gift that would be cherished for the rest of the year. So, now that you have started planning to welcome 2021 with more positivity, hopes and with a grand celebration, shopping for a new year gift is not an easy task. If you are looking for something unique and interesting, then here are some great ideas for gifting on New Year Day that you can checkout and use. 

Most men generally love gadgets and so this becomes one of the common gifting options. So getting the latest phone, DSLR camera, fitness watch, etc are definitely some gift ideas for men. For women, the list is endless with several options ranging from makeup, jewellery, accessories, spa package, candlelight dinner, designer purses etc. There are some other options like books for the perfect readers, perfumes, sunglasses, etc. Outdoor options could include a spa massage or going to your favorite restaurant but these options are restricted this year. There are several other options for gifts that can be customized like personalized calendar, coffee mug, photo frame and many more. How about a personalized gift option of their favorite star? Doesn’t this sound very unique and awesome? Let’s see more on this gifting option.

Platforms like Bollywish have cool features like celebrities providing custom personalized shout outs for their fans. From a wide range of TV Stars, Film Stars, Reality TV Stars, Singers, Influencers, Athletes we have plenty of interesting finds that you can choose from. Personalized video shouts from favorite celebrities or athletes would definitely be very exciting and an awesome gift for your loved ones. Bollywish has a huge list of celebrities available including TV stars like Jay Bhanushali, Rohit Roy, Sheeba, Rahul Roy, Sana Saeed, musical talent like Deepshikha Raina, Meenal Jain, Nitin Kumar, Ankush Bharadwaj, and sports athletes like Reema Malhotra, Sarfaraz Khan and many more. Gifting this personalized shout out is definitely a very unique and memorable gift for your loved ones on New Year's day. You can book a package with their favorite sports person or film star for Jan 1st and give them a special message that needs to be delivered by them. This message can be recorded and secured in an email so that it can be played again later at any point of time. At just a finger click, we have the most special gifting idea that is unique, very different and something totally new. Imagine If this was a gift for your loved ones, they would definitely be excited by this idea and the thought of getting a customized message from their favorite celebrity will make them feel more special. It would bring a smile on their face and give you a feeling of immense satisfaction.

With such a unique idea available, it will surely help to please your loved ones. By making use of this personalized gift we can make this New Years day more special and beautiful and thereby create memories for a lifetime.