How to become a bodyguard in El Salvador

black moutin
Created by black moutin Sep 12, 2020

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Being a bodyguard can be a very enticing job prospect if handled well. The salary can be very good, it allows you to have a job beyond the desk and in general can lend itself to meeting many new people on the line of job. That said as with any job there's certain conditions you'll need to meet, and when it comes to a touristic country like El Salvador the requirements can be even more steep. That said it doesn't have to be impossible, and if you commit yourself it should be a smooth process. So with that in mind today we'll take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind to get hired in one of the many security company El Salvador counts with.

In general if you want to find employment in any of the security services El Salvador has you should first and foremost keep in mind the basics. First of all you should always keep your fitness a priority. As your job you will be required to protect your client at all times, and the better shape you find yourself in the better chances you have to be hired. And beyond just getting a job you need to stay in shape to truly be able to protect your client and yourself. When it comes to safety all angles must be covered and as such staying in form and practicing self-defense are both vital traits.

Other factors that are tied to the above and can help your resume notoriously are experience as a guard and handling firearms. Often times these go hand in hand, as general guards usually are trained with guns, but they can be pursued separately as well. Basically this will show tangibly that you do count with the required experience for the job. And jumping from guard to bodyguard is way easier than from civilian to bodyguard. Guard courses can be pretty short, so it doesn't even have to be a long investment.

Lastly keep in mind your country and potential clients. Tourism is a large part of El Salvador's economy and a such you can expect for a large percentage of your clients to be foreigners. Nobody expects you to know all the languages in the world, but a good grasp on Spanish and English will make you stand out above the cut, and might just be the final boost you need to grab that job.