Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers

Created by bestwonderstore123 Nov 29, 2020

Perfect for a party, wedding, or home decor, you can make these mason jar salt and pepper shakers. Learn how to easily make these inexpensive shakers and impress your guests with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Let’s get crafting!

Supplies for the mason jar salt and pepper shakers:
Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers
1/2 pint mason jars
Craft paper
Small nail or thumbtack
Poly twine
Decorative embellishments of your choice
1. First, remove the lid and band from the mason jar.

2. Lay out your craft paper. With the patterned side of the craft paper facing down, trace the lid on the paper with a pencil. When you’re picking out your craft paper, think of the theme you’re going with. If you’re making the shakers for home decor, pick a pattern that goes with your kitchen. If it’s for a wedding, think about the theme of your wedding. You can also pick craft paper for different holidays, switching out the lids for each special day.

3. Using the scissors, cut out your new lid and screw it onto the mason jar with the band.

4. Carefully take your small nail or tack and poke holes into the paper. You can make a variety of patterns with the holes. If the jars are for a wedding, you can make the holes into the bride and groom’s initials. You can make other patterns, such as a heart or a Christmas tree for special holidays. Just remember, the more holes you make, the more salt or pepper is going to come out of the shaker. You don’t want your guests to have a mountain of salt or pepper on their meal!

5. Add twine (like we have pictured) and other embellishments. Let your creativity fly, and give your mason jar salt and pepper shakers a personal touch.

6. Fill the mason jars with salt and pepper. Of course, you can always make the jars for more than just salt and pepper. Other seasonings can be added to the jars, too! If you need to, add more holes to make sure the shakers work.