Role Of An Attorney In Matters Of Child And Spousal Support

Andy Bascha
Created by Andy Bascha Mar 23, 2020

Divorce is a messy affair with repercussions for both the parties. If there are children involved, sometimes things become even murkier. With papers to sign and settlements to reach to in an amicable way, the entire process is way too taxing and at times stretches up to months! To have a good lawyer by your side becomes imperative in such a scenario. Proper support enforcement services take away more than half the headache off you.

Financial settlements after filing for a divorce often result in two things, which are, spousal support also popularly referred to as alimony and child support. So, spousal support is just one possible support type that a party pays to another after the relationship ends effectively in legal terms. There is also a possibility for child support to be ordered in case the estranged couple has a child together. There are innumerable legal formalities to be kept in mind and procedures to be followed before you may start getting the benefits of the two and a good support enforcement service is crucial to walk you through all the legalities.

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Child and spousal support are completely different from each-other. While the latter is not a compulsion in all cases when a marriage comes to an end, the former is an important requirement in case the parents are not going to raise the child together. According to the state law of California, every parent is legally bound to financially support her or his child but there is no legal provision that requires a person to provide for an ex wife or ex husband.

It makes sense for a parent to support a child till he or she celebrates his or her 18th birthday. This may mean different things. For one, it means that a parent does not have the liberty to waive child support even if the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement. In all probability child support will be ordered even in cases where a couple had agreed to not seek child support before having kids. State has the right to initiate child support proceedings, if required and the custodial parent fails to do so.

Spousal support is different altogether. California law has provisions whereby courts may order permanent or temporary support in cases they find it fit. Spousal support is not always ordered, even in cases where there are earning discrepancies. There aren’t many legal provisions catering to the collection and distribution of spousal support. Spousal support may even be waived in a prenup itself unlike child support. So, if you want your ex to pay you alimony, you need a good legal aid in order to negotiate on your behalf when the marriage is being dissolved.

Support enforcement services are required to win your case in the courtroom. Bisbee Law Group offers the best attorney for all your child and spousal support woes. Contact them in case you are looking for a legal expert.

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