Latest Review in 2022 of AFK Arena [Updated Guide]

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Created by AFK Arena Codes Jul 9, 2022

Latest Review in 2022 of AFK Arena [Updated Guide]

AFK Arena is very comparable to Lords Mobile in a few ways. It's mostly a hero collection game, or Gacha, as the young kids call it these days. At first glance, the hero group process is somewhat similar to the primary premise of Lords Mobile. 

You collect as many heroes as you like, level them up by spending resources, and let them fight in a PvE movement or against other players in a PvP battle.

While AFK Arena is the most trending game nowadays and this article is helpful to you to know the latest review of AFK Arena in 2022.

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What Is AFK Arena?

AFK Arena is a hero collection card game that came out in 2019 and has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play store. The game's goal is to collect heroes and their special war perks to go through the game's story mode and defeat the final boss in the King's Tower.

Lilith Games created AFK Arena and focuses on classic RPG elements like turn-based combat and character leveling while presenting rich gameplay via beautifully-designed landscapes. 

Primary Statistics and Hero Roles in AFK Arena

The introductory statistics used by the heroes in AFK Arena are identical to those in Mobile. You contact STR, AGI, and INT heroes, determining their role in the group and what harm they can do. 

If you have been paying attention, you might notice a trend here. The following category is hero class; this is similar to Lords Mobile. You bring tanks, warriors, mages, rangers, and supports. These classes are pretty much self-explanatory.

You will usually need one on a team if you want a well-rounded party, but you can forgo a particular class if you must go all-in on a typical type of harm. The party compositions in AFK Arena are similar to ones you have encountered in Lords Mobile, and you should not have problems adjusting to them.

Factions in AFK Arena

The main mechanic, a bit of a beauty, is factions. There are six of these in the play, and their definitions are far too voluble and challenging to recognize and list here. The first four of these factions pursue a rock-paper-scissor pattern, each bringing a faction they are soft and firm against. 

The staying two work on a separate axis, only vital against one another. This style of giving strengths and weaknesses in different factions is engaging, as it allows you to play with varying team designs and counts another dimension to the game.

Hero parties also get a bonus riding on how many heroes of a particular faction, giving you an incentive to collect heroes of the exact alignment together. However, this is a double-edged blade as an opposing party might have factions that innately counter a higher ratio of your team.

Gameplay in AFK Arena

The primary gameplay structure of AFK Arena is pretty simple. You build teams to send on PvE campaigns or fight other players' forces in PvP. The PvE range in the game gets pretty vast. Counting on how far you progress in the campaign, you can access endless other game modes for different prizes. 

Possibilities include an almost-endless mode that pits you against waves of opponents until your party breaks and awards you based on the floor you have reached or a weekly-changing adventure that hands out special prizes. Puzzle-based modes also damage the monotonous gameplay and bring a fresh perspective.


Regarding game enjoyment, AFK Arena is a worthy candidate for a top mobile game. It has clean graphics and an engaging style, and its gameplay is in line with similar titles. The game's strategy portion brings a plus to me because it forces you to increase your ability to play the game successfully while simplifying the surrounding mechanics to make it easy to get into.