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Etcher is an open-source and cross platform application, so it is also available to Windows and Mac OSX users. This application simplifies everything to do with creating bootable USB drives or even Micro SD Cards.

Adelina Harris
Created by Adelina Harris Nov 4, 2020


Open source and cross platform built using web technologies such as JS, HTML, node.js and Electron.

Validated burning so that you do not burn on corrupted a USB drive or SD Card.
Hard-drive friendly where it automatically select drive to prevent a user form erasing entire hard-drive.You can Download Etcher for creating bootable USB drives or even Micro SD Cards.

Beautiful interface and more yet to come as promised by the developers.
If you have been like me looking for alternative image burners to use in Linux apart from the ones commonly mentioned then, here is an easy-to-use and also stylish application for you and yes, those are the exact words to describe this application called Etcher.

Flash the new Image

Take the SD card out from Firewalla Box
Use etcher to load the image you just downloaded to the card. 

Create Bootable USB or DVD

Now that you have downloaded the ISO image, you can create a bootable USB, burn it on a DVD or load the image on a VM.

Several applications can help you create a bootable USB. We recommend using Etcher. Download the application for your system (Windows, macOS or Linux), install and run.